Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blog Launch

So I have finally decided to launch a blog to commemorate my one year of return into cosplay. It's been a whirlwind and to be honest I've been wanting to keep further document of my adventures and whatnot. So I finally managed to put up a blog that I will be using to post reviews, tutorials, convention experiences, and anything else cosplay related that may come to mind.

Thanks everyone for your support and I hope you look forward in reading about all the random things I have to say =)

Things to expect soon:
-Contact Reviews
-Uta Tattoo and make-up tutorial
-Levi Make-up Tutorials

Things to expect in the future:
-Wig styling tutorials
-Character Make-up Tutorials
-Behind the scene photoshoots
-Convention Reviews
-Online store reviews

Remember, if there's a specific review or tutorial you'd like me to recover, send me a request either through comment or e-mail (

-Ven Tsun